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Lazy Susan/Trays
lazy susan/trays
Double Head Coffee Table

This "one-of-a-kind" double headed coffee table will more than likely become the conversation piece in your living room or wine cellar. Constructed of genuine recycled oak wine barrel.

Stools Various Sizes

These Oak Barrel Stools are available in 3 sizes, 30" Tall, 28" Medium and 18"Mini. Each are durably constructed and very comfortable. Each one is unique. Order in sets of 2 or 4 each.

Deluxe Wine Barrel Ice Chest

Are You Kidding Me? This Recycled Oak Wine Barrel Ice Chest can hold ice for 27 hours? YES, because it is lined and insulated. This is a must for your next party. Comes with stand with casters to roll to any part of your patio.

Matching Half Barrel Bar Stands
Wine Barrel Bar Stand Stained and Polyurathaned
Custom design Original Wine Stained Oak Heads from the Wine Barrels.
Whole Oak Wine Barrel on 4 Inch Legs with Clear Varnished Pine Table top


Recycled Wine Barrel Furniture

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Open Front Wine Barrel Cabinet with Shelf


This stained "furniture grade" recycled oak wine barrel is cut in half longways with an open front and shelf. The shelf is made of 3/8 inch pine stained to match the style and grain of the barrel. The shelf is also lined with a wine barrel metal band for that WBSM"extra" unique touch! (Bar Top sold separately.)
Open Front Half Wine Barrel

Cabinet with Shelf
(shown w/o stain)


A beautiful way to display your bottles, glasses and other accessories. This Wine Barrel Cabinet can be used as a Liquor Cabinet, a China Cabinet, or add 4 inch legs and a 42 inch table top, and you have a wonderful Bistro Table ready to serve your favorite wine and cheese at your next dinner party. This elegant piece comes dark or light stains to perfectly match your decor. Also comes with Double and Triple Lazy Susan shelves. (3rd lazy susan on top)
Wine Barrel Cabinet

























































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